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In 1952, the first navigator decorated the dial with the "Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association" (AOPA) logo (typical of the biplane logo) and in 1960 began a real collaboration with AOPA. The name "Navitimer" is an abbreviation for "navigation" and "timer". The first version for sale is the Reference 806, powered by a manual chronograph movement with chronograph wheel mechanism and column wheel mechanism, Venus 178. These early specimens are now highly collectible and depending on the condition and version (AOPA or not, gold-filled or stainless steel, all black or anti-panda dial), their prices can reach between 2.000 and 10.000 euros. The stainless steel version is the easiest to find but also the most popular version. The later gold-plated versions are less popular. Some very rare versions in solid 18-carat gold can even reach 10.000 Eur. Rolex Daytona vintage and therefore one of the most collected vintage. In the late 1950s, the brand began to use what is successful today: marketing and ambassadors. Willy Breitling, with the help of the Swiss advertiser Georges Caspari, launched a campaign targeting the pilot community, which created a huge demand for navigational chronographs. In addition, Breitling replica remains the official instrument panel supplier to all major aircraft companies, such as the 1957 Boeing 707 equipped with Breitling instrument panel gauges. some of which are also ticked off on John Travolta's aircraft.

Breitling Navitimer World A24322 Mens Steel

A Classic Is Born

In 1942, the classic lineage began. The Breitling replica Chronomat was born. the modern version of the Chronomat is a far cry from the original. Instead, it resembles the modern Montbrilliant slide calculator and all its other functions. Just as the introduction of the automobile sparked the creation of Breitling replica and Leon's interest in chronographs, it was the introduction of passenger airliners and military aircraft in the early 1940s that inspired the new Chronomat and its successor, the Navitimer sliding calculator. The inventor of the sliding calculator was mathematician Marcel Robert, who created a gauge for the three most important units for pilots - the STAT standard mile; the KM kilometer (natural); and the NAUT nautical mile. In 1952, the modern Navitimer was born, replacing the natural evolution of the Chronomat. It was emblazoned with the logos of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association or AOPA. The name "Navitimer" is a combination of the words "Navigation" and "Timer", carrying on its tradition as a pilot's replica watch. The name "Navitimer" is a combination of the words "Navigation" and "Timer" and continues its tradition as a pilot's replica watch. While the Omega Speedmaster may have been the first replica watch to go to the moon, Breitling replica has its own history in space. The first seven astronauts, Scott Carpenter, wore flight chronographs during the orbital flight of the Aurora 7 capsule, making it the first space chronograph, and in 1969 Breitling continued to innovate with its first self-winding chronograph movement.

Historical Turning Point

In the 1970s, the quartz crisis may have lost all this history. Like many other traditional Swiss watch brands, Breitling replica was particularly hard hit. Although they had created many innovations that are still used today, they did not have quartz watches like their Japanese rival replica watch companies, which were slow to respond to the changing market. Instead, they weathered the storm by selling the design rights to the 806 and 809 Navitimers to German brand Sinn's 903 collection. Ernest Schneider, Breitling's new boss, breathed life into many brands in the 1990s by reinventing the rugged Valjoux automatic movement. During this time, Breitling replica a could have lost its way, but fortunately Schneider saved the brand from obscurity. 2009 will be another year of rebirth for Breitling replica - the year the B01 caliber hits the market. This new movement, which naturally made its debut on the Navitimer, was the first complete in-house movement since before the quartz crisis began. It launched a series of in-house movements throughout the brand, including the B04 Dual Time and the B05 Worldtimer. in addition, Breitling replica turned around the situation that had almost killed the brand, becoming known for some of the most sophisticated quartz watches on the market today with its SuperQuartz movement and its Emergency line of watches. The Breitling replica Emergency is the only replica watch with an integrated dual-frequency locator beacon. Today, Breitling replica is one of the most respected Swiss watch brands in the world. From mariners to transoceanicists, from chronographs to pony cars, this brand has stood the test of time. Of course, today's pilots have real computers to perform these life-saving tasks for them, but the Navitmer's calculating ruler is still a useful feature. In fact, I use mine for whimsical calculations, such as the useful feature of converting KmPH to MPH during motorcycle TV production, for example setting it up for currency conversions in any country/region I visit.

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